Friday, March 29, 2013

My apologies

I surely need to apologize for the lack of posting. I have been incredibly busy trying to finish my semester (complete my Masters), figuring out what’s next, cooking and of course we had Passover.
The good news is that by finishing school I will also finish #17 write a business plan for my future company. I decided to do my final project on writing this business and communication plan for my future company LC Events

While right now is not the time for me to start my own business, going through this process will certainly help me when the time is right. If you are planning an event and are looking for some help, please think of LC Events, I am always looking for new/additional experiences and love helping people’s vision become a reality.  In the mean time I am exploring what is next for me for work and just trying to finish school up on a high note. (Oh and then you can all call me master :/)

I have told myself I am not allowed to blog until my final project is done – which should be the next three weeks. When that that happens I have pictures to share, recipes to drool over, and I can’t wait to tell you about the ballet. 

In the meantime, we did some family pictures over the holidays. Look at my awesome family!