Monday, May 20, 2013

#6 Finish my Masters Degree

Well I did it. I finished my Masters degree in Communications Management at Simmons College. It was quite the experience. I am not sure I ever thought I would finish high school let alone get an undergraduate degree. For me, getting a Masters degree was something I never would have imagined for myself – I am not sure it was ever even a path I would have thought possible.

I struggled in school my entire life. I guess I had a hard time prioritizing it and I never

believed that I could be successful in an academic environment. Throughout my academic career I believed that my learning disabilities would hinder my ability to be successful and felt that I would find other ways to create a successful professional career. I have always believed that hands on experiences are more valuable then being in a classroom learning theory. While I still strongly believe that experiences are the best teaching tool, supplementing my experiences with a Master’s degree will allow with to think critically and strategically in a way I was not able to do before.

To all the teachers who believed in me along the way – thank you for trusting that I had it in me. To all the teachers who said I couldn’t do it – well I did it and I did it despite your inability to believe in me and I took your discouraging words and turned them into my own positive reality.

But mostly, I have to thank my husband. Without his encouraging words, his late night ice cream runs, and his ability to manage me even when I was overly stressed out I would have never finished my undergraduate degree let alone my Masters!

It was a long two years but I made great friends along the way, I laughed, I cried, I drank some wine and learned a lot in the process!

Another one 30 before 30 done! 

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